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Polywill (Shanghai) Advanced Material Co.,Ltd.

Your Reliable Partner

Polywill is dedicated to provide innovative products and technical solutions to global industrial customers, while satisfying customer needs on sustainable development. 

Our R&D center is located in Zhangjiang, Shanghai. With over 2000 sqm,consisting of analytic lab, synthesis lab and application lab. 

Polywill owns a series of unique patents, leading to excellent performance in our products. Our product line include Dispersants, defoamers, rheology modifiers, wetting agents, leveling agents and many other functional additives, applied to paint, ink, adhesives, pigment & colorant, metal protection, wood paint & furniture, leather & textile, water-proof, 3C, UV and all different industries, providing high performance and better environmental products to our customers.

Polywill has gathered global talents, and built a global innovative knowledge, information and operating platform, providing professional services for customers. Our team have been dedicated in the research and service of eco-friendly polymer for over 30 years, comprehensively participated in the innovation and development on higher performance and better environmental needs.

Our drive comes from customers’expectations and trusts. Our fast growing comes as the result of the success of our customers. Development of customized and differentiated products has made us focus more on new technology and new demands. We firmly believe that our advanced technology is based on the thoroughly understanding of the market and applications of our customers. 

Our partners worldwide collaborate with us to establish close relationship with the customers through expert and timely service. In return, we are able to hear the voice of our customers quickly, respond to their demands promptly, and create value for both customers and partners.