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Industrial Coatings


CategoryProduct NameTypeActive Content %Dosage %Characteristic
DispersantCoadd™D-6037Ammonium salt of hydrophobically modified polyacrylic acid301.0-5.0Dispersant based on ammonium salt of hydrophobically modified acylic acid. Very good dispersing effect. With optimized hydrophobic  modification,provides the paint formulations with excellent water resistance and early scrubb resistance. At the same time it also improves the anti rain-streaking property of the coatings. Suitable for dispersion applications in aqueous formulations with high-performance requirements.
Coadd™D-6060Block polymer400.3-3.0Good wetting for both organic and inorganic pigments. Good at preventing color floatation when multiple pigments are ground together. Excellent water resistance, Suitable for water-borne metla and wood coatings.
Coadd™D-6039Block polymer401.0-20High-performance block copolymer with excellent overall properties. Very good dispersing efficiency on both organic and inorganic pigments.  Excellent properties in water resistance and weatherability. Excellent performance in formulations with acrylics, urethane, and epoxy among others. Very good dispersion and storage stability for water-borne slurries and high-concentrate pihment slurres.
Coadd™D-6072Block polymer422.5-30A general-purpose dispersant used in formulations for pigment slurries,  coatings, and inks with very good dispersion efficiency for both  organic and inorganic pigments,  particularly for resin-free grinding.  Excellent colot exhibit for phthalocyanine type pigments. High efficiency in viscosity reduction.   Superior effect on dispersing nano-structured iron oxide.
Coadd™D-6073Block polymer502.5-30Particularly used for the dispersion of matte powders. It contains functional groups affinic to matte powders. High dispersing efficiency, and effectively slowing and preventing the settling of matte powders with no formation of hard settling layer. Better results when used together with thickening agents.
Coadd™D-6086Block polymer400.8-5.0Excellent wetting and dispersing properties. Good performance in viscosity reduction and minimal impact on resistance of the formulations.
Coadd™D-6076Block polymer350.5-10A wetting dispersing agent containing pigment-affinic groups with very good properties in color exhibit, formulation compatibility, and stability.   Effectively preventing the color floatation of the pigments. Suitabe for water-borne metal coatings and pigment slurries. 
Coadd™D-6920Block polymer450.5-5.0Providing wetting and dispersion on pigments and fillers and help to improves the color stability in one-pack wood coating formulations.
Coadd™D-6380Block polymer602.0-30.0A dispersant for both water-borne and solvent-borneformulations. Stable with epoxy functional groups. Can be used for both organic and inorganic pigments.  Excellentt water resistance. Suitable for Zinc-rich epoxy formulations. 
DefoamersCoadd™DF-6202Polymer1000.1-0.5With properties in fast defoaming speed and good formulation compatibility,  can be used in various water-borne formulations for industrial coatings, especially suggested to use for formulations with PUD and epoxy emulsions. Suitable in broad temperature and ph range. Easy to handle with good water dispersibility.
Coadd™DF-6022Modified silicone1000.1-0.5With properties in fast defoaming and micro-foam elimination, can be broadly used in various formulations for water-borne paints, inks, and adhesives. Suitable in broad temperature and pH range. Easy to handle with good water dispersibility. It is strongly recommended for use in PUD and latex  formulations.
Coadd™DF-6025Modified silicone1000.2-1.0Excellent properties in micro-foam elimination and formulation compatibility. At the same time, has the effect in improving the leveling of paint films. It is recommended for water-borne epoxy formulations. 
Coadd™DF-6602Modified silicone1000.1-1.0Offers high-efficiency defoaming property with good formulation compatibility and excellent dispersibility. It has very efficient defoaming performance when used in paint grinding stage. Suitable in broad temperature and pH range.  Easy to handle. 
Coadd™DF-6901Modified silicone1000.2-0.5Coadd™DF-6901 has the characteristics of fast deofaming rate and strong micro-foam elimination, suitable for hard-to-defoam formulations and those with high emulsifier content, especially in formulations with emulsified epoxies. It can be broadly used in various fqormulations for water-borne paints, inks,  and adhesives. Suitable in broad temperature and pH range.
Coadd™DF-6912Emulsified silicone200.2- 0.8Has the properties of very strong micro-foam elimination and excellent formulation compatibility. Suitable to be added duing paint mixing stage.  Fast dispersing rate. No adverse impact on film clarity. In the grinding stage it is often used together with other strong defoamers such as Coadd™DF-6901, or Coadd™DF-6022 to achieve better results.  It can be used broadly in formulations for water-borne paints, inks,  and adhesives. Suitable in broad temperature and pH range.
Coadd™DF-6028Modified silicone1000.2-1.0With balanced performance in defoaming and formulation compatibilty, can be broadly used in various formulations for water-borne paints, inks, and     adhesives, particularly for micro-foam elimination. Suitabe in broad temperature and pH range. Easy to handle with good water dispersibility.
Coadd™DF-6622Modified silicone1000.1-1.0Fast defoaming rate and good compatibility in majority of the formulations.  It is suggested that the product be added during high-speed dispersing  stage with enough dispersing time. 
Coadd™DF-6633Modified silicone1000.1-1.0Excellent compatibility and good defoaming rate in majority of the formulations.  It is suggested that the product be added during high-speed dispersing stage with enough dispersing time. 
Coadd™DF-6821Emulsified silicone250.2-1.0Exellent properties in micro-foam elimination and formulation compatibility.  Suitable to use in the paint mixing stage. Fast dispersing rate. No adverse impact on paint gloss. Suitable in broad temperature and pH range. Easy to handle with good water dispersibility.
Wetting AgentCoadd™W-6010Modified silicone polymer1000.1-1.0Offers very fast wetting characteristic, and is capable of surface wetting and total wetting of the substrates. Very good compatibility with no cratering effect and no adverse impact on film clarity.Also has good penetrating property and is suitable for coatings on hard-to-wet substrates.
Coadd™W-6011Modified silicone polymer1000.1-1.0Excellent properties in surface wetting and penetratio on the substrates with low foam and excellent anti-foam characteristic. Fast dispersing. Effectively reducing the shrinkage holes on the paint surface. Excellent film clarity and slipness. Excellent compatibility for formulations with various resins and  suitable on various substrates.
Coadd™W-6018Modified silicone polymer1000.2-1.0Excellent substrate wetting effect with fast defoaming rate. No foam stabilization and no formation of fine foams with some leveling and fogging effects. Excellent compatibility and water solubility. No impact in film clarity.
Coadd™w-6170Modified silicone polymer1000.2-1.0Strong performance in surface wetting and substrate penetration. Can be diluted directly with water. No impact on film transparency. Excellent wetting and anti shrinking hole properties with leveling effect.
Leveling AgentsCoadd™FL-6630Modified Silicone1000.05-1.0Coadd™FL-6630 improves the flowability of the paints through reduction in surface tension. It has minimal impact on re-coat. At the same time,  it can improve the slip and block resistance of the surface, prevent crater formation, and ehance scratch resistance.
Coadd™FL-6633Modified Silicone1000.05-1.0Coadd™FL-6633 has very strong leveling property, and good formulation compatibility. It has minimal impact on re-coat, and can effectively improve  the flatness of the paint films, prevent defects from crater formation. The use of Coadd™FL-633 does not affect the clarity of the paint films. Suitable for water-borne wood coatings and industrial coatings, and sometimes for solvent-borne coatings.
Coadd™FL-6650Acrylic polymer600.2-1.0Coadd™FL-6650 has very strong surface leveling property and can enhance the fullness of the paint films. It is very low foaming with self-defoaming characteristic, and no foam stabilization. It has good compatibility with acrylic formulations. It does not adversely impact the interlayer adhesion. Diluable with water. Suitable for water-borne metal coatings and wood coatings.
Rehology ModifierCoadd™U-6029HEUR380.3-3.0High-efficient low-to-medium shear viscosity HEUR associative thickener with excellent solvent dilution-resistant property, particularly on alcohols and ethers. It has good thickening efficiency at higher dosage. Suitable for water-borne industrial coatings and inks.
Coadd™U-6105HEUR320.3-3.0Nonionic HEUR associative thickener. It has very good effect on medium shear-viscosity (KU viscosity )and also provides good low-shear viscosity property. It can improve the flowability and leveling of the paints and provide excellent water and chemical resistance.
Coadd™U-6508HEUR250.3-3.0Nonionic HEUR associative thickener with very good thckening effect on medium shear-viscosity formulations. It can improve leveling property of the     formulations, making the final paint films uniform with good gloss and color exhibit, and excellent water resistance and chemical resistance.
Coadd™U-6920HEUR200.3-2.0Nonionic HEUR associative thickener with high shear-viscosity. It provides paint systems with excellent leveling property, making the final films uniform,   especially suitable for high gloss and high leveling paints.
Flash Rust InhibitorsCoadd™FR-6510Modified organic chelating agent300.3-2.0Highly-effective flash rust inhibitor, particularly effective on substrates with welding seams. Excellent salt-spray resistance property at low dosage level. Very good performance in various resin formulations such as epoxy, acrylics, and polyurethane.
Adhesison PromotorsCoadd™AP-6054Epoxy phosphate1000.2-2.0Coadd™AP-6054 Effectively improves the adhesion of paint films to metal   substrates.  Coadd™ AP-6054 contains the functional groups that can react with such substrates as Iron, Al, and Ni. It also contains groups affinic to resins,  and thus can enhance adhesion of resins to the metal substrates. ALso   suitable for the adhesion of surfaces for electrophoresis.
Coadd™AP-6055Epoxy phosphate540.5-2.0Adhesion promotor of modified polymer, containing multiple reactive groups, with good effects on various substrates such as Iron, Aluminum,  Copper, Glass, and Zinc, etc. Coadd™AP-055 is easily dispersible and compatible exceptionally well with such resins as acrylics, polyester, epoxy, and polyurethane. It also prvides some functions in flash rust inhibition and corrosion inhibition. Suitable for both water-borne and solvent-borne metal coating formulations.
Coadd™AP-6057Epoxy phosphate500.5-2.0An adhesion promotor specifically targetting such substrates as galvanized steel and aluminum. Excellent anti-hydrolysis stability.
Anti-Popping AgentsCoadd™BP-6080Block copolymer50.5-5.0An anti-popping agent with good leveling effect. Effectively enhance the film thickness without popping, and improve the leveling and richness of the flim. No adverse effect on interlayer adhesion.
Al Oriention AgentCoadd™SC-6006Acrylic copolymer191.0-5.0Used in industrial coatings containing aluminum slurry, effectively preventing the settling of aluminum slurry and enhancing the uniform distribution of   aluminum powder during paint film formation. Having good packing effect with aluminum slurry to improve the aluminum orientation, thus improving the gloss and hardness of the paint films.
Al Passivation AgentCoadd™MP-6086/355.0-15.0Can be used for Al powder of normal grades. Passivate the Al surface for protection. Good storage stability.
Orange-peel Texture AdditiveCoadd™HA-63026Modified silicone600.5-3.0An orange-peel texture additive for both water-borne and solvent-borne formulations. Modify the appearance of the orange-peel texture through  controlling the amount of additive used. Excellent surface effect. it also enhances the hardness and slip of the paint films.


Product nameSolid content %pHMFFT ℃APEO/FormaldehydeCharacteristic
Coxcen™8338467.5±130NoHydroxyl acrylic emulsions suitable for water-borne industrial coatings. High level of film hardness, gloss, corrosion resistance and fullness. The product   has high degree of reactivity, and can be used with PU curing agents at low and room temperatures, and also amino resine high temperatures. The product is suitable for water-borne metal top coat with high gloss and abrasion resistance, as well as primer coating. The produt has good compatibility, hydroxyl content is 3.3%.
Coxcen™8196468±130NoOne component high gloss top coat. Possess excellent gloss, salt-spray and water resistance performance. Due to the good mechanical stability, it can be used to grind resins. Suitable for water-borne industrial formulations with high gloss top coating, and also metal coating with rust inhibition, as well as  2-in-1 formulations.
Coxcen™8768458±125NoHigh performance acrylic emulsion specially designed for water-borne metal coating. Good water resistance and corrosion resistance. Salt-spray  resistance >300 hours. Good adhesion with metal substrate, and good durability. Can substitute epoxy resin. The product possess high level of gloss and film build performance.
Coxcen™8259478±158NoHigh performance acrylic emulsion specially designed for water-borne metal coating. The product is a one-component film-forming emulsion, possess high level of gloss. Film hardness is 1H, while with good water & alkali resistance. Recommended in water-borne metal top coat system.