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CategoryProduct NameTypeActive Content %Dosage %Characteristic
DispersantCoadd™D-6228Block polymer10010-50A super dispersant for water-borne, solvent-free, and solvent-borne formulations. It offers exellent viscosity reduction on inorganic pigments while  providing low foam, excellent dispersion and color exhibit on organic pigments, especially for medium-to-high colors of carbon blacks. Used for grinding high-performance pigment slurries. It also has good performance in formulations for inks, pigmented paints, touch-up paints, and metal coatings. 
Coadd™D-6076Block polymer350.5-10A wetting dispersing agent containing pigment-affinic groups with very good   properties in color exhibit, formulation compatibility, and stability.   Effectively preventing the color floatation of the pigments. Suitabe for water-borne metal coatings and pigment slurries. 
Coadd™D-6039Block polymer401.0-20High-performance block copolymer with excellent overall properties. Very good dispersing efficiency on both organic and inorganic pigments. Excellent properties in water resistance and weatherability. Excellent performance in formulations with acrylics, urethane, and epoxy among others. Very good dispersion and storage stability for water-borne slurries and high-concentrate pihment slurres.
Wetting AgentCoadd™w-6170Modified silicone polymer1000.2-1.0Strong performance in surface wetting and substrate penetration. Can be diluted directly with water. No impact on film transparency. Excellent wetting and anti shrinking hole properties with leveling effect.
DefoamersCoadd™DF-6602Modified silicone1000.1-1.0Offers high-efficiency defoaming property with good formulation compatibility and excellent dispersibility. It has very efficient defoaming performance when used in paint grinding stage. Suitable in broad temperature and pH range. Easy to handle. 
Coadd™DF-6821Emulsified silicone250.2-1.0Exellent properties in micro-foam elimination and formulation compatibility. Suitable to use in the paint mixing stage. Fast dispersing rate. No adverse impact on paint gloss. Suitable in broad temperature and pH range. Easy to handle with good water dispersibility.
Coadd™DF-6912Emulsified silicone200.2- 0.8Has the properties of very strong micro-foam elimination and excellent formulation compatibility. Suitable to be added duing paint mixing stage.  Fast dispersing rate. No adverse impact on film clarity. In the grinding stage it is often used together with other strong defoamers such as Coadd™DF-6901, or Coadd™DF-6022 to achieve better results. It can be used broadly in formulations for water-borne paints, inks, and adhesives. Suitable in broad temperature and pH range.
Coadd™DF-6633Modified silicone1000.1-1.0Excellent compatibility and good defoaming rate in majority of the formulations. It is suggested that the product be added during high-speed dispersing stage with enough dispersing time. 
Coadd™DF-6028Modified silicone1000.2-1.0With balanced performance in defoaming and formulation compatibilty, can be broadly used in various formulations for water-borne paints, inks, and   adhesives, particularly for micro-foam elimination. Suitabe in broad temperature and pH range. Easy to handle with good water dispersibility.