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Wood Coatings


CategoryProduct NameTypeActive Content %Dosage %Characteristic
DispersantsCoadd™D-6060Block polymer400.3-3.0Good wetting for both organic andinorganic pigments. Good at preventing color floatation when multiple pigments are grinded together. Excellent water resistance, Suitable for water-borne metal and wood coatings.
Coadd™D-6039Block polymer400.8-5.0High-performance block copolymer with excellent overall properties. Very good dispersing efficiency on both organic and inorganic pigments. Excellent properties in water resistance and weatherability. Excellent performance in formulations with acrylics, urethane, and epoxy among others. Very good dispersion and   storage stability for water-borne slurries and high-concentrate pigment slurries.
Coadd™D-6290Block polymer10010-40Suitable for water-borne coating and printing inks systems. It effectively deflocculates pigments, providing good leveling performance and color strength. Also gives good transparency and hiding power. The product is also recommended in liquid color masterbatches used for thermoplastics or to manufacture color pastes, providing a stable pigment dispersions.
Coadd™D-6086Block polymer400.8-5.0Suitable for inorganic and organic pigmented systems. Also good compatibility with water-borne acrylic, polyether, PU and epoxy systems. Excellent viscosity reduction, color development, water resistance and salt-spray resistance performance. High compatibility in resin-free grinding colorant.
Coadd™D-6920Block polymer450.5-5.0Providing wetting and dispersion on pigments and fillers and help to improves the color stabiity in one-pack wood coating formulations.
DefoamersCoadd™DF-6022Modified silicone1000.1-0.5With properties in fast defoaming and micro-foam elimination, can be broadly used in various formulations for water-borne paints, inks, and adhesives. Suitable in broad temperature and pH range. Easy to handle with good water dispersibility. It is strongly recommended for use in PUD and latex formulations.
Coadd™DF-6025Modified silicone1000.2-1.0Excellent properties in micro-foam elimunation and formulation compatibility. At the same time, has the effect in improving the leveling of paint films. It is recommended for water-borne epoxy formulations.
Coadd™DF-6139Mineral oil1000.1-1.0Fast and lasting defoaming effect. Broadly used in various water-borne formulations with good economic benefits.
Coadd™DF-6202polymer1000.1-0.5With properties in fast defoaming speed and good formulation compatibility, can be used in various water-borne formulations for industrial coatings, especially suggested to use for formulations with PUD and epoxy emulsions. Suitable in broad temperature and pH range. Easy to handle with good water dispersibility.
Coadd™DF-6622Modified polysiloxane with hydrophobic solids1000.1-1.0Fast defoaming rate in majority of the formulations. It is suggested that the product be added during high-speed dispersing stage with enough dispersing time.
Coadd™DF-6912Modified organosilicon350.2-0.8A modified silicone defoamer emulsion with excellent compatibility and strong ability to eliminate micro bubbles. It is more suitable for adding during the paint mixing stage, with a fast dispersion rate and no impact on transparency. That better effects if combined with strong defoamers to use. It can be widely used in various water-based coatings, inks, and adhesive systems. Adapt to a wide range of temperature and pH values simultaneously.
Coadd™DF-6901Modified polysiloxane1000.2-0.5Has the characteristics of fast defoaming rate and strong micro-foam elimination,  suitable for hard-to defoam formulations and those with high emulsifier content, especially in formulations with emulsified epoxies. It can be broadly used in various formulations for water-borne paints, inks, and adhesives. Suitable in broad temperature and pH range.
Coadd™DF-6904Modified polysiloxane1000.1-0.3Excellent performance in anti-foam and foam busting. It is suggested that the product be added during high-speed dispersing stage with enough dispering time.
Coadd™DF-6633Polyether modified organosilicon1000.1-1.0Modified silicone defoamer has a relatively balanced defoaming effect and compatibility, strong universality, and strong ability to eliminate micro bubbles. It can be widely used in various water-based coatings, inks, and adhesive systems. Simultaneously adaptable to a wide range of temperature and pH values, easy to operate, and strong water dispersibility.
Wetting AgentCoadd™W-6010Modified silicone polymer1000.1-1.0Rapid wetting of substrates, and is capable of surface wetting and total wetting of the substrates. Very good compatibility with no cratering effect and no   adverse impact on film clarity. Also has good penetrating property and is suitable for coatings on hard-to-wet substrates.
Coadd™W-6011Modified silicone polymer1000.1-1.0Excellent properties in surface wetting and penetration on the substrates and excellent anti-foam characteristic. Fast dispersing. Effectively reducing the shrink   holes on the paint surface. Excellent film clarity and surface slip. Excellent compatibility for formulations with various resins and suitable on various substrates.
Coadd™W-6018Modified silicone polymer1000.2-1.0Suitable for water-borne coating and printing ink systems. Strong substrate wetting performance. No foam stabilization and low foam formation properties, Also has strong substrate penetration, good compatibility in different systems, and no effect on film transparency.
Coadd™W-6138Modified silicone polymer1000.2-1.0A silicone-based wetting agent with fogging functions. Has very strong surface wetting performance and good penetrating property. Its aqueous solution is transparent. It can provide optimized spray effect water-borne paints. Can be diluted directly with water. No adverse impact on film clarity.
Coadd™W-6170Modified silicone polymer1000.2-1.0Strong performance in surface wetting and substrate penetration. Can be diluted directly with water. No impact on film transparency. Excellent wetting and anti shrinking hole properties with leveling effect.
Leveling AgentCoadd™FL-6206Silicone1000.1-0.5Excellent short wave leveling effect, while providing a good feel and enhancing the fullness of the paint film. But need polishing before repainting of paint film
Coadd™FL-6630Modified silicone 1000.05-1.0Coadd™FL-6630 improves the flowability of the paints through reduction in surface tension. It has minimal impact on re-coat. At the same time, it can improve the slip and block resistance of the surface, prevent crater formation, and enhance scratch resistance.
Coadd™FL-6633Modified silicone 1000.05-1.0Coadd™FL-6633 has very strong leveling property, and good formulation compatibility. It has minimal impact on re-coat, and can effectively improve the flatness of the paint films, prevent defects from crater formation. The use of Coadd™FL-6633 does not affect the clarity of the paint films. Suitable for water-borne wood coatings and industrial coatings, and sometimes for solvent-borne coatings.
Coadd™FL-6650Acrylic polymer 650.2-1.0Coadd™FL-6650 has very strong surface leveling property and can enhance the fullness of the paint films. It is very low foaming with self-defoaming characteristic, and no foam stabilization. It has good compatibility with acrylic formulations. It does not adversely impact the interlayer adhesion. Dilutable with water. Suitable for water-borne metal coatings and wood coatings.
Coadd™FL-6772Acrylic polymer550.5-3.0Strong effect on reducing surface tension and improving the leveling effect of the  paint film, and very good compatibility. It can give the paint film a better longwave leveling effect without affecting interlayer adhesion after use. 
Rheology ModifiersCoadd™U-6029HEUR350.1-2.0High-efficient low-to medium shear viscosity HEUR associative thickener with excellent solvent dilution-resistant property, particularly on alcohols and others. It has good thickening efficiency at higher dosage. Suitable for water-borne industrial coatings and inks.
Coadd™U-6105HEUR320.3-3.0Nonionic HEUR associative thickener. It has very good effect on medium shear viscosity (KU viscosity) and also provides good low-shear viscosity property. It can improve the flowability and leveling of the paints and provide excellent water and chemical resistance.
Coadd™U-6508HEUR200.3-3.0Nonionic HEUR associative thickener with very good thickening effect on medium shear-viscosity formulations. It can improve leveling property of the formulations, making the final paint films uniform with good gloss and color development, and excellent water resistance and chemical resistance.
Coadd™U-6603HEUR300.3-3.0HEUR thickener, effectively increase the viscosity of low shear-viscosity formulations. It has good anti-settling effect on pigmented formulations, effectively improve the phenomenon of post-thickening. Also provide excellent sagging resistance.
Coadd™U-6920HEUR200.3-2.0Nonionic HEUR associative thickener to improve high shear-viscosity. It provides paint systems with excellent leveling property, making the final films uniform,  especially suitable for high gloss and high leveling requirement systems.
Coadd™U-6099HEUR380.1-2.0Waterborne polyurethane low shear thickener, with excellent thickening effect, stable viscosity after thermal storage, and good anti sagging effect.


CategoryProduct NameTypeActive Content %Dosage %Characteristic
DispersantsCoadd™DO-1650Modified polyester100Titanium dioxide: 0.5-1.5
Inorganic pigments: 1.0-3.0
Organic pigments: 1.0-5.0
Solvent and solvent-free systems, improve anti settling properties, and prevent floating.
Coadd™DO-6265Polymeric phosphoric acid ester52Inorganic pigments: 5.0-10
Titanium dioxides: 2.0-4.0
For solvent borne and solvent-free coatings and printing inks for stabilizing inorganic pigments,   in particular titanium dioxide.Strong reduction of millbse viscosity.
Coadd™DO-6269Solution o modified polyurethane45Inorganic pigments: 10-15
Titanium dioxides: 5.0-6.0
Organic pigments: 30-90
Carbon blacks: 70-140
Solvent based system, suitable for both organic and inorganic applications, particularly suitable for organic pigments.
Coadd™DO-1051Unsaturated Polycarboxylic acid polymer and poly-siloxane copolymer50Titanium dioxides: 0.5-2.5
Organic pigments: 10-20
Inorganic pigments: 3.0-10
For solvent-borne formulations,   with low to medium polarity. Good performance in controlling flocculation,   and preventing floating/flooding of titanium dioxide. Silicone has been incorporated in the product to improve the floating/flooding performance.
Coadd™DO-1030Polyester phosphoric acid ester40Inorganic pigments: 5.0-10
Titanium dioxides: 2.0-4.0
Matting agent: 30-60
For inorganic pigments and matting agents in solvent borne formulations, which are used in wood and  furniture, industrial coating and protective coatings. It can also be used in architectural coatings.
Coadd™D-6201Styrene maleic anhydride copolymer100Organic pigments: 15-25
Carbon blacks: 15-25
Solvent-free, 100% active wetting and dispersing additive for solvent-borne, solvent-free, and water-borne formulations for coatings, printing inks, and UV applications.
DefoamersCoadd™DF-6066Solution of foam-destroying poly-siloxanes10.3-3.0Silicone defoamer for solvent-free and solvent borne coatings, printing inks, and ambient curing plastic systems based on epoxy resin and polyurethane. Standard silicone defoamer for all solvent borne formulations. Good balance between effectiveness and compatibility.
Coadd™DF-5200MNon-organosilicon polyalkylene200.1-0.5Strong foaming and defoaming ability, without affecting repainting, better compatibility than DF-5200.
Coadd™DF-077Polymethylalkylsiloxane520.1-0.6It can prevent bubbles, and don't affect wetting or interlayer adhesion during repainting.
Coadd™DF-055Solution of polyolefin6.50.1-1.5Silicone-free defoamer based on polymer for solvent borne and solvent-free wood and furniture coatings.
Coadd™DF-6141Polyether modified siloxane3.20.1-0.8Excellent foaming inhibition and defoaming, good compatibility, generally suitable for defoaming of topcoat.
Leveling AgentCoadd™FL-6358Solution of a polyacrylate520.05-1.0Polyacrylate-based surface additive for solvent borne formulations for coatings and ambient-cured plastics to improve leveling. Used in semi-polar to polar formulations.
Coadd™FL-3077Arcylate polymer520.5-2.0Improve leveling and gloss, provide long wave leveling, reduce shrinkage, and have defoaming function without affecting repainting.
Coadd™FL-6310Polyether modified polydimethylsiloxane1000.05-0.3Good substrate wetting, prevent shrinkage and increase surface smoothness.
Coadd™FL-6206Polyether siloxane copolymer1000.05-0.3Excellent flow and leveling, combined with strong slip property. It is re-coatable and can be ued in both   solvent borne and water-borne coatings.
Coadd™FL-3060Polyether modified poly-siloxane12.50.1-0.5Strongly reduces surface tension in coating formulations. Also has good substrate wetting and anti-cratering   performance, and can improve the surface slip.
Coadd™FL-6633Polyether modified polydimethylsiloxane1000.1-0.8Organosilicon surface additive, used in solvent-free, solvent based, water-based coating systems and printing  inks, strongly reducing surface tension. Excellent substrate wetting to prevent shrinkage and increase surface smoothness.