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Product NameSolid content %pHMFFT ℃APEO/FormaldehydeCharacteristicsMSDSTDS
Coxcen™111833±18±1<5NoA specially designed emulsion with small particle size and high adhesion for base coat applications. Able to penetrate and solidify the porous substrates, espcally for sealing the less strong putty layers. The product has excellent anti-efflorescence and anti-salting properties. It can also improve the adhesion between base coat and the subsquent coating layers. Broad adapatability for both clear and pigmented formulations. Good compatibility with cement, and can be sued on cement substrate under moist environment.

Coxcen™19048±19±130NoA specifically designed to have excellent water resistance and color acceptance. The product can be used in middle for high PVC paint formulations, and has good bonding strength on substrates and pigments/fillers. The product is environmentally friendly, APEO and formaldehyde free.
Coxcen™247852±18±1<0NoA styrene-acrylic polymer emulsion specifically forexterior (top, middle and textured elastomeric) coatings. It is suitable for mid-coat and architecture coatings in low temperature. The product does not contain formaldehyde, APEO free. It fully meet the requirements for type I exterior top coatings, with excellent properties in early water resistance and bubble resistance, DPUR   and excellent mechanical and ionic stability.
Coxcen™286054±19±1<0NoA specifically designed emulsion for elastomeric coatings. It is suitable for building and constructure coatings with low temperature elastic and good DPUR (dirt pick-up resistance). As binder for exterior architecture coating, it helps to reduce cracking and improve adhesion.  
Coxcen™286655±19±1<0NoA specifically designed emulsion for elastomeric coatings. It is suitable for architecture and roof coatings with balance tensile strength and elongation. The product helps to improve wet and dry adhesion, also provides good durability and dirt pick-up resistance.    
Coxcen™370950±18.5±118NoA specially designed acrylic emulsion with excellent compatibility. Can be used for all different kinds of substrates and systems. Provides excellent overall performances, especially in adhesion, water & alkali resistance,durability, color & gloss retention. Suitable for flat to high gloss emulsion coating or acrylic pigmented formulations with high environmental standard requirement.

Coxcen™500942±18.5±123NoSuitable as top coat for lacqure, stucco, multi-color, and art paint formulations. With excellent paint film density and high gloss. No water whitening in the accelerated hot-water immersion test. The hydrophobic design of the polymer greatly reduces the risk of paint film's chalking in weatherability tests.
Coxcen™501046±18±130NoOne component high gloss top coat. Possess excellent gloss, salt-spray and water resistance performance. Due to the good mechanical stability, it can be used to grind resins. Suitable for water-borne industrial formulations with high gloss top coating, and also metal coating with rust inhibition, as well as 2-in-1 formulations.
Coxcen™633848±18±130NoFor high gloss industrial coatings. The product contains hydroxy group, and has good properties in hardness, gloss, corrosion resistance and water resistance. It is suitable for ambient curing and low temperature curing in 2-pack PU coating formulations. The product is good hardness and high gloss in baking formulation with amino resins.
Coxcen™660848±18±10NoSuitable for 2-pack system low temperature applications. it is soft and elastic properties give good crack resistance. It is recommended in high performance water-borne top coat systems. It provides excellent elasticity, water & alkali resistance, durability and color retention. It also suitable for elastic baking coatings.
Coxcen™670839±18.5±120NoA specifically designed emulsion for multi-color paint system. The product has good transparency, and can provide long-lasting and stable protection to the multi-color colloids. It is suitable for water-in-water and sand-in-water multi-color paint emulsions, and other top clear coatings.
Coxcen™672849±19±120NoSuitable for building and constructure coating applications with good adhesion and abrasion resistance. It is also suitable for quality exterior semi-gloss trim paints. Also for interior and exterior trim latex paints.
Coxcen™819647±18±158NoHigh performance acrylic emulsion specially designed for water-borne metal coating. The product is a one-component film-forming emulsion, possess high level of gloss. Film hardness is 1H, while with good water & alkali resistance. Recommended in water-borne metal top coat system.

Coxcen™825946±17.5±130NoHydroxyl acrylic emulsions suitable for water-borne industrial coatings. High level of film hardness, gloss, corrosion resistance and fullness. The product has high degree of reactivity, and can be used with PU curing agents at low and room temperatures, and also amino resine high temperatures. The product is suitable for water-borne metal top coat with high gloss and abrasion  resistance, as well as primer coating. The produt has good compatibility, hydroxyl content is 3.3%.