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Coadd™ A-6016ASE290.1-2.0Suitable for formulations with low shear-viscosity. The formulations will exhibit very good thixotropic behavior and excellent sag-resistance performance. Used in mastic and stucco coatings as well as acrylic paints (Conform to European standards). Can partially replace HEC in conventional coating systems. 

Coadd™ A-6018ASE290.1-1.550% more efficient than Coadd™ A-6016. Suitable for formulations with low shear-viscosity, but offering much higher aqueous thickening efficiency than the thickening agents of the same kind, making the systems more stable on pigment settling. Suitable for art paints and water-borne industrial coatings; also suitable for varnish with special functionality as well as water-rich formulations.

Coadd™ H-6120HASE300.1-1.0Low-shear viscosity thickener with excellent thixotropic property and very high thickening efficiency. Suitable for mastic and stucco paints and lower the dosage of HASE type thickeners.

Coadd™ H-6150HASE300.1-1.0Suitable for low shear-viscosity formulations, including those with reasonable medium shear-viscosity.  In comparison with conventional non-associative thickeners, offers better water resistance and early scrub resistance. 

Coadd™ H-6350HASE290.1-2.0Hydrophobically modified alkali-soluble associative thickener. Suitable for paints with medium shear-viscosity (KU viscosity). In comparison to the same kind of commercial thickeners on the market, the paints with Coadd H-6350 have better leveling property and storage stability.

Coadd™ H-6360HASE350.1-2.0Hydrophobically modified alkali-soluble associative thickener with a much higher thickening efficiency for medium-shear viscosity (KU viscosity) formulations. It can lower the dosage by 30-50% in  comparison to conventional HASE type thickeners.

Coadd™ U-6029HEUR250.3-3.0High-efficient low-to-medium shear viscosity HEUR associative thickener with excellent solvent dilution-resistant property, particularly on alcohols and ethers. It has good thickening efficiency at higher dosage. Suitable for water-borne industrial coatings and inks.
Coadd™ U-6105HEUR320.3-3.0Nonionic HEUR associative thickener. It has very good effect on medium shear-viscosity (KU viscosity)and also provides good low-shear viscosity property. It can improve the flowability and leveling of the paints and provide excellent water and chemical resistance.
Coadd™ U-6112HEUR320.3-3.0Nonionic HEUR associative thickener. Provides very good effect on low-shear viscosity. Provides the systems with very good pseudoplastic property and excellent sag-resistant performance.

Coadd™ U-6113HEUR390.3-2.0Non ionic polyurethane associative thickener with high thickening efficiency. It has a good thickening and low shear viscosity effect, which can make the entire system have high pseudo plasticity and excellent anti sagging performance.

Coadd™ U-6299HEUR400.1-2.0Water-borne polyurethane low shear thickener has excellent thickening effect, stable viscosity after heat storage, and good anti settling and anti-sagging effect.
Coadd™ U-6508HEUR200.3-3.0Nonionic HEUR associative thickener with very good thickening effect on medium shear-viscosity formulations. It can improve leveling property of the formulations, making the final paint films uniform with good gloss and color development, and excellent water resistance and chemical resistance.
Coadd™ U-6509HEUR400.3-2.0Non ionic polyurethane associative thickener with high thickening efficiency. It has a good thickening medium shear (KU) viscosity effect, which can improve the flow and leveling of the system, resulting in uniform film formation, good gloss display, excellent water resistance, and chemical resistance of the final coating product.
Coadd™ U-6920HEUR200.3-2.0Nonionic HEUR associative thickener to improve high shear-viscosity. It provides paint systems with excellent leveling property, making the final films uniform, especially suitable for high gloss and high leveling requirement systems.